Kang the Conqueror: What the New Villain Means for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kang the Conqueror is coming! With Jonathan Majors reportedly solid because the villainous grasp of time in Ant-Man 3, the MCU is selecting up a advantageous alternative to monologuing mass assassin Thanos.

However how do you high the person who killed half of all sentient beings within the universe with the snap of a finger? If Kang’s comics historical past is any indication, you do it with a man whose ego crosses millennia and multiverses.

Kang’s main skill is there’s…an terrible lot of him. And his omega stage vanity. Additionally he breaks grammar. Or may have breaking grammar. I don’t know, time journey, man. Let’s take an enormous shot of one thing exhausting as I attempt to clarify how the Kang of the comics would possibly translate to the display.

Authentic Taste Kang

So there’s Kang the Conqueror. He had in his possession a time machine and a deep information of weapons know-how, each of which he used to take over the complete galaxy within the 41st century, after which bounce across the time stream to beat varied eras. 

Nathaniel Richards

There’s additionally Nathaniel Richards (no, not that one, besides additionally sure that one – cling on), born within the 31st century onto a post-scarcity world of a lot. Nathaniel was a genius, however was bullied as a youngster, and in the future when he picked a battle with considered one of his bullies, Kang the Conqueror confirmed as much as cease the battle.

Kang revealed that the bully was about to kill Nathaniel, and Kang couldn’t have that as a result of he would stop to exist. Nathaniel, horrified at what he would turn out to be, makes use of his genius to time journey again to the Marvel Universe’s current and slap on a set of Iron Man armor, turning into the Younger Avengers’ Iron Lad.

That’s two Kangs, in case you’re maintaining rating at residence.

Rama Tut

A while post-Iron Lad, Nathaniel was again in his future and bored out of his cranium, so he determined to construct himself a recent time machine and journey again to the traditional previous. He crashed his time machine in historic Egypt and took over as Emperor Rama Tut.

That’s three Kangs.

The Scarlet Centurion

Rama Tut finally had a run in with the Improbable 4, who tossed him from the Egyptian throne and despatched him working again to his personal timeline. Nonetheless, he obtained caught in a time storm and ended up again within the current day Marvel Universe for a bit, ditching his Rama Tut identification and setting himself up with new gear and a brand new title: the Scarlet Centurion.

This brings us to 4 Kangs, girls and boys. 

Scarlet Centurion was defeated by the Avengers and returned to his authentic timeline and authentic identification as Kang, however as he obtained older, he obtained increasingly more uninterested in the petty conquests that have been left for a person of his magnitude, so he ditched his girlfriend sooner or later and went again to the previous as Rama Tut once more. Whereas previously, he discovered that he might functionally dwell ceaselessly (and thus study ceaselessly) in Limbo, the hell dimension dominated by Colossus’ sister Magik.


Whereas in transit between dimensions, Rama Tut break up into two beings: one who noticed his future and was happy with it, and one who was livid about it. The happy one would finally turn out to be the godlike Avengers villain Immortus, who weeds timelines like a backyard.

The opposite would turn out to be yet one more Kang, able to battle the outdated man he turns into for being, to paraphrase, so chickenshit.

These are Kangs 5, six and 7, I feel.

Victor Well timed

One other Kang variant traveled again to 1901 to attempt to sluggish play his conquering with the traditional “let compound curiosity do the work” transfer. This Kang posed as Victor Well timed, constructed his personal city in Wisconsin, obtained elected Mayor, and began his personal firm. He then let that firm develop over 100 years, inspiring Phineas Horton to create the primary Human Torch android (no relation to everybody’s favourite, Johnny Storm). Finally, he simply obtained too good at enterprise and stored changing “his father” because the years went alongside.

This brings us to a grand whole (thus far) of eight Kangs.

I might go on for days. Actually.

There are two Kang organizations that span eras and the multiverse – the Council of Cross-Time Kangs and the Council of Kangs. And that’s most likely the place the film model of Kang is available in. He’s a very easy, enjoyable energy set to painting as a result of he will be all the pieces all on the identical time on the display. And he’s an egomaniac with whom solely DOOM’S SHINING SELF-REGARD can compete. Possibly that’s the place the Improbable 4 comes into play – the one individual extra smug than Ant Man 3’s new villain is the FF’s traditional one.

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