Star Trek: The Original Series Needs A Real Origin Story

When Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds ultimately debuts on CBS All Entry and offers us the additional adventures of Captain Pike, Spock, and Quantity One aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, one other hole within the Star Trek timeline will likely be totally explored. And but, this hole isn’t the weirdest lacking piece of Trek historical past. Aside from one episode of The Authentic Sequence, we now have nearly zero on-screen canonical report of adventures that will have occurred for some — or all — of the yr 2265, the primary yr of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy’s 5 yr mission on the Enterprise. In essence, Star Trek: 12 months One, doesn’t exist. However, may it occur now?

Again when The Authentic Sequence first aired, the notion of precisely when it was set was saved considerably obscure. In truth, in keeping with The Making of Star Trek (1968), in Roddenberry’s earliest pitches to networks, he particularly famous that the setting may have been within the 1990s or 22nd century. His authentic pitch learn: “The time might be 1995 and even 2995 — shut sufficient to our instances for our persevering with solid to be individuals like us, however far sufficient sooner or later for galaxy journey to be totally established.”

Whereas it’s true that Roddenberry ultimately settled on the 23rd Century as being the “actual” setting for the sequence, some episodes (notably “House Seed”) suggest the sequence is barely set 2 hundred years sooner or later, which means the late 22nd century or the early 23rd (Khan says he has been sleeping for “two centuries” for the reason that late 1990s). 

In 1980, a e-book known as Star Trek: Spaceflight Chronology — printed in reference to the primary Star Trek roleplaying recreation — claimed the long run historical past of Trek occurred within the very early 23rd century, which means the five-year-mission of the Enterprise, at that time, was from 2207 to 2212. However, two years later, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan modified all that when the phrases “Within the 23rd century…” crammed the display, and it was later established that The Wrath of Khan occurred in 2285 (the Romulan Ale Bones brings Kirk was classic 2283). From that time on, the period of The Authentic Sequence started within the 2260s (TOS) and spanned to the 2290s (The Undiscovered Nation).

So, why is the primary yr of TOS lacking? Nicely, the precise begin date of Kirk’s five-year mission has modified twice. First, the Spaceflight Chronology established it as 2207, however then in 1993, with the publication of The Star Trek Chronology re-established it as 2264. Authors Denise Okuda and Michael Okuda (who labored as designers on Trek all through the ‘90s and early ‘00s) picked 2264 as a result of the concept was that The Subsequent Technology started in 2364, precisely 100 years later, and that 2264 could be roughly precisely 300 years from the purpose Star Trek first started filming in 1964. 

Nevertheless, dialogue within the Voyager episode “Q2” talked about Kirk’s five-year mission ended in 2270, which implies it (retroactively) started in 2265, not 2264. So, 2265 is when the “official” canon settled on the precise begin of TOS (sure, Voyager saved TOS chronology!). 

That is the place issues get fascinating. 

When it comes to this official canon — and what Roddenberry supposed — the one episode that occurs in 2265 (or 2264 in previous canon) is “The place No Man Has Gone Earlier than.” In case you’ve forgotten, this episode was the second pilot of Star Trek (after “The Cage”) and the one the place Spock wears a gold command uniform, Sulu is carrying blue, and everyone has uniforms that look extra like husky sweaters than the slick ‘60s stylish of the remainder of the present. In The Making of Star Trek, Roddenberry makes it clear that the remainder of the sequence is supposed to happen effectively after this pilot episode, which explains why the crewmembers are all pretty conversant in one another in actually all the opposite episodes. 

Whenever you watch “The place No Man Has Gone Earlier than” – once more, the one canonical story set in 2265 — it’s very clear the Enterprise we see right here could be very completely different from the Enterprise we see in the remainder of the sequence. Not solely are varied crew members not of their acquainted roles (Sulu isn’t the helmsman, he works in “astrosciences”) but in addition most of the most well-known crew members are lacking: Particularly, Uhura and Bones. In canon, we do not know what it was like when Uhura, Bones, Scotty, Kirk, or Sulu first got here on board the ship. In truth, till the 2019 Discovery episode “Q&A”, we additionally had no concept what this was like for Spock, both. 

Exterior of “The place No Man Has Gone Earlier than,” we’re undecided what occurred throughout 2265, aside from the truth that Kirk flirted with Dr. Helen Noel at a Christmas social gathering as a result of he and Helen discuss this a yr later in 2266 throughout “Dagger of the Thoughts.” And, funnily sufficient, if Star Trek years work the way in which ours do, this implies the one 2265 occasion referenced in TOS would have occurred on the very finish of that yr. The remainder of the yr is an entire thriller.

On the finish of “The place No Man Has Gone Earlier than,” Gary Mitchell has died after having remodeled right into a ESP-wielding area deity. Spock admits to Kirk that Mitchell’s demise affected him. “I felt for him, too,” Spock says. After which, the sequence, mainly, fast-forwards to a complete yr later. “The Man Lure,” “The Corbomite Maneuver,” and the remainder of the primary season clearly occurs after quite a lot of time has handed. However what was the Enterprise like when Mitchell was nonetheless alive and Spock didn’t “really feel” for him? Did “The place No Man Has Gone Earlier than” occur proper initially of 2265 or towards the center? Close to the top? It’s the oldest interval of Star Trek and we nonetheless know nearly nothing about it.

So far as the precise occasions of Kirk’s 5 yr mission are involved, not counting “The place No Man Has Gone Earlier than,” all of the episodes (and The Animated Sequence) occur between 2266-2270. Most followers and students place TOS from 2266-2268-ish and The Animated Sequence from 2269-2270 (although there’s some overlap between TOS and TAS). 

The opposite gaps within the Kirk period have been explored outdoors of official canon. IDW comics have tackled the concept of the “fifth season” of Star Trek, most not too long ago with the miniseries Star Trek: 12 months 5. Again in 1989, J.M. Dillard printed the novel Star Trek: The Misplaced Years, which might have crammed within the time between the top of TOS and the start of Star Trek: The Movement Image

Nevertheless, there’s been far much less consideration paid to the primary yr, 2265. In 1985, DC Comics printed a particular problem about “The First Mission,” wherein the absence of Bones in “The place No Man Has Gone Earlier than” was swiftly defined. Nevertheless, this story occurred within the type of a “flashback” throughout what was then the common continuity of DC Comics’ Star Trek timeline: At that time within the “current,” Kirk was in control of the Excelsior, the Enterprise had not been rebuilt, and Spock had his personal ship known as the USS Surak. The purpose is, this 12 months 1 origin story was the flashback to what’s now, at greatest, an alternate timeline. 

Considerably extra considerably, in 1986, Pocket Books printed the novel Enterprise: The First Journey, written by legendary SF writer Vonda M. McIntyre. This e-book tackled a wide range of difficult canon points together with Chekov’s standing through the first season (he labored in a unique a part of the ship) Spock’s random emotionalism (together with a Vulcan circus performer), and the truth that nearly no one favored Kirk at first. Again within the ‘80s, McIntyre’s Star Trek books had been among the many greatest, largely as a result of her writing tended to be cited as pseudo-canon even when it technically wasn’t. 

Case-in-point, her 1981 Trek novel, The Entropy Impact, gave Sulu and Uhura the primary names Hikaru and Nyota, each of which caught. This isn’t to say Enterprise: The First Journey really “counts” as a part of canon, or that the primary journey of the Enterprise below Kirk concerned housing a bunch of touring entertainers, however McIntyre’s books had a manner of sticking into the way in which followers talked about canon again within the day, particularly when it got here to lacking issues, like characters’ names.

Talking of Uhura’s first title, essentially the most well-known “12 months 1” Star Trek story of all of them is the 2009 film Star Trek. However, as most followers are most likely conscious, the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie creates, and takes place, in an alternate universe, wherein the crew of the unique Enterprise meets in a wholly completely different manner, and the tech of the 23rd century is profoundly influenced by a time-traveling Romulan ship from the long run (obtained all that?). 

The so-called “Kelvin Timeline” really bumped-up the earliest adventures of Captain Kirk by a number of years. In its personal timeline, the majority of Star Trek 2009 happens in 2258. Within the Prime Timeline, that is six years sooner than when Kirk initially took command of the Enterprise

In equity, the Abramsverse accounts for this by having Kirk go from Cadet to Captain in like two hours, due to a sequence of weird circumstances, however nonetheless, if we had been solely involved concerning the Kelvin timeline, then the “12 months 1” second of Star Trek could be very clearly established. 

The 2009 Star Trek might be debated from a wide range of completely different angles, however the one factor it makes fairly plain is that it’s not the “precise” origin story of the TOS crew coming collectively, however as an alternative, that story “retold” in an alternate universe. That is fairly bizarre relative to different fandoms: Star Trek 2009 could be like if the Alienprequel Prometheus went out of its option to flip to the digital camera and say “it is a prequel, however one which takes place in a unique dimension, and likewise, the chronology doesn’t work. Oops.” 

So, the 2258 of Star Trek 2009 isn’t the “proper” 2258, and none of what occurs within the “current” of these movies is linked to TOS, Discovery, or the upcoming Unusual New Worlds. In truth, the yr 2258 is probably going the beginning of Unusual New Worlds.The ultimate scenes in Discovery Season 2 occur in 2258, wherein the crew of the Enterprise (and Ash Tyler) are all debriefed at Starfleet Command. This implies Unusual New Worlds will doubtless occur between 2258 and 2263 as a result of that may be one other 5-12 months-Mission for Pike. This brings us very near 2265, the actual first yr of Kirk’s command of the Enterprise

2265 is lacking. It’s arguably essentially the most formative period in all of Star Trek, and the interval which establishes the traditional characters within the roles that outline the remainder of the franchise. If Unusual New Worlds exhibits us the whole journey of Pike’s Enterprise, it may, in principle, have a complete season set after Pike fingers the keys to Kirk. The primary yr of The Authentic Sequence may grow to be the ultimate season of Unusual New Worlds. And which means everybody who has been ready for a brand new Captain Kirk may lastly get their want. 

Unusual New Worlds is anticipated to start out airing a while in 2021 or 2022.

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