Coronavirus: Radio Listening Booms While Music Streaming Stalls

navindra (Slashdot reader #7,571) is an expert coder and an novice musician. He writes:

Music and expertise have all the time been intertwined and this has by no means been more true with laptop expertise. I set out on a easy quest to discover a higher metronome, settled for a digital pattern sequencer, however ended up fascinated by the Organelle music laptop working Pure Knowledge on a Raspberry Pi and Linux.

“Your entire system runs open supply software program and could also be personalized at each degree,” explains its net web page. From navindra’s article:
[T]he Organelle is tough to outline, however it’s nothing lower than a music laptop, virtually demanding that one ascend from mere musician to digital instrument designer.

Organelle patches are available for beat-making functions, together with pattern sequencer or drum machine capabilities, multi-dimensional sequencers, and, sure, even a straight up metronome. Past the manufacturing facility patches, the consumer neighborhood contribute their very own creations… Pure Knowledge code initially seems to be like low-level symbolic code — thankfully, it’s simple to make one thing musical in brief order, if one has a deal with on sound synthesis and MIDI ideas.

The Organelle runs Linux on a Raspberry Pi with all the pieces that entails — it has a boot up time of 12 seconds, yields a 6 hour battery life on four AA batteries (roughly proportional to the volca energy draw), and issues like swapping samples is trivially accomplished with a file supervisor, eliminating the necessity for particular software program. Equally, including or modifying patches is simply as simple — modifying the prevailing Metronome patch with a brand new sound might be as simple as dropping in a brand new .wav file.

Evidently, the Organelle is consistently evolving and bettering…

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