Canada's Police Service Admits to Using Facial Recognition -- After Previously Denying It

Slashdot reader shirappu writes:
AI|Author is an experiment through which synthetic intelligence is used to simulate each actual and fictitious well-known personalities by means of written correspondence. Customers can ask questions and obtain explanations from simulated variations of Isaac Newton, Alfred Hitchcock, Marie Curie, Mary Shelley, and lots of extra.
The Subsequent Net calls it “a brand new experiment by magician and novelist Andrew Mayne,” stating that it is utilizing OpenAI’s new textual content generator API. Different simulated conversations embrace Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, Isaac Asimov, Benjamin Franklin, and even Edgar Allen Poe.

“We’ve got every kind of theoretical concepts about AI and what counts as actual or not,” Mayne stated on Twitter, “nevertheless I feel you simply need to be pragmatic and simply ask: What can it do? I feel this will get misplaced in lots of discussions about AI. The top purpose is not a witty chatbot. It is to develop our data.”

There is a wait checklist for entry to the location “so we are able to make certain every part works proper and we do not by chance create Skynet,” Mayne jokes on Twitter. However assuming this is not one other magic trick, The Subsequent Net is already reporting on among the early outcomes:
The system first works out the aim of the message and the supposed recipient by trying to find patterns within the textual content. It then makes use of the API’s inner data of that particular person to guess how they’d reply of their written voice. The digitized characters can reply questions on their work, clarify scientific theories, or provide their opinions. For instance, Marie Curie gave a lesson on radiation, H.G. Wells revealed his inspiration for The Time Machine, whereas Alfred Hitchcock in contrast Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001…

The characters may additionally evaluate their very own eras with the current day… Mayne says the characters did nicely with historic details, however may very well be “fairly erratic with issues of opinion” and “not often reply to the identical query in the identical means.” He demonstrated these variations by asking each Newton and Gottfried Leibniz who invented calculus. “Newton nearly all the time insists that he invented Calculus alone and is fairly brusque about it,” Mayne wrote on his web site. “Leibniz typically says he did. Different instances he’ll be imprecise.” At one level, Leibniz even threatened to kill Mayne if he tried to take the credit score for the invention.

In addition to historic figures, the system can reply within the voice of fictional characters. In actual fact, Mayne says essentially the most “touching” message he is acquired was this reply from the Unbelievable Hulk.
One other dialog reveals Bruce Wayne’s response when requested to make a donation to assist liberating the Joker…

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