2019's Quickest Rising Programming Language Was C, Says TIOBE

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Which programming language noticed the largest bounce on TIOBE’s index of language reputation during the last yr?
Not like final yr — it is not Python. An nameless reader quotes

It’s good outdated language C that wins the award this time with an yearly enhance of two.4%… The foremost drivers behind this development are the Web of Issues (IoT) and the huge quantity of small clever gadgets which can be launched these days…

Runners up are C# (+2.1%), Python (+1.4%) and Swift (+0.6%)…

Different fascinating winners of 2019 are Swift (from #15 to #9) and Ruby (from #18 to #11). Swift is a everlasting high 10 participant now and Ruby appears [destined] to turn out to be one quickly.

Some languages that have been supposed to interrupt by means of in 2019 did not: Rust gained solely three positions (from #33 to #30), Kotlin misplaced three positions (from #31 to #35), Julia misplaced even 10 positions (from #37 to #47) and TypeScript gained only one place (from #49 to #48).

And this is the brand new high 10 programming languages proper now, in response to TIOBE’s January 2020 index.

JavaCPythonC++C# (up two positions from January 2019)Visible Fundamental .NET (down one place from January 2019)JavaScript (down one place from January 2019)PHPSwift (up six positions from January 2019)SQL (down one place from January 2019)

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