Scientists Give Cuttlefish 3D Glasses To Show They Understand Depth

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New submitter wolff000 writes: A gaggle of researchers on the College of Minnesota have proven that cuttlefish see in 3D. They did this by making 3D glasses after which exhibiting the cuttlefish films of prey. “Whereas cuttlefish carrying glasses is an sudden sight, a College of Minnesota-led analysis group constructed an underwater theater and geared up the cephalopods with specialised 3D glasses to research how cuttlefish decide the most effective distance to strike transferring prey,” a report says. “The preliminary act of getting cuttlefish to willingly put on the glasses with out making an attempt to take them off and truly watch the display was powerful sufficient,” experiences Well-liked Science. “This course of required gluing velcro to the highest of its mucus-covered physique, inserting the glasses on their heads, and conserving the creatures glad and distracted sufficient to not mess with them (or ink all around the experiment). However when the animals lastly targeted on the display, creating an phantasm of depth that may solely be seen when utilizing binocular imaginative and prescient, they precisely ‘hunted’ the shrimp on display.”

“This phantasm of depth is created through the use of two totally different coloured pictures which are seen by means of the 2 totally different lenses, which the mind then calculates the space between,” the report provides. “Though cuttlefish are colorblind, the coloured filters within the glasses ship the correct shade from the monitor to the fitting eye. They solely see the picture in every eye as quite a lot of greyscale intensities.”

The research has been revealed within the journal Scientific Advances.

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