What Fossils Will Trendy-Day Civilization Depart Behind?

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sciencehabit writes: Hundreds of thousands of years from now, superior people — or maybe visiting aliens — could dig up the remnants of at present’s civilizations. What are they prone to discover, and the way will they interpret our relationship with the creatures round us? A brand new research reveals that archaeologists might want to depend on bones, not any of our former know-how. “Should you learn loads of postapocalyptic science fiction, one of many issues that disappears in nearly all circumstances is written information, pc information, issues like that,” says one of many scientists. “There are pc information and code from many years in the past that trendy computer systems cannot acknowledge as a result of it is so far out of alignment. So think about two million years from now… So what are we left with? It is no matter is buried within the floor.” And what is going to that be? Nicely, a number of people, cows, and chickens. And, after all, tons of cats and canines. “Of all of the animals, canines and cats usually tend to be buried in a fashion much like folks,” says one other scientist. “There are pet cemeteries which are arrange much like human memorial parks. So if something like that’s stumbled upon, that is going to say one thing completely different than a pit that individuals threw a bunch of pigs into randomly. I feel it is going to be apparent that we felt in a different way about canines and cats versus pigs and cows and chickens.”

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