Misplaced in Area Season 3: Burning Questions About Will, Adler, and the Robots

Lost in Space Season 3: Burning Questions About Will, Adler, and the Robots

Ryan Britt

Jan 2, 2020

Misplaced in Area Season Three has a whole lot of solutions to supply after that action-packed season 2 finale. Listed below are our questions.

Spoilers forward for Misplaced in Area season 2.

After 10 thrilling episodes in season 2, Misplaced in Area on Netflix has formally grow to be among the finest modern science fiction collection on TV. The present balances nail-biting motion with out resorting to overt violence, whereas on the similar time establishing series-long mysteries which proceed to deepen as new installments give us new robotic bread crumbs to comply with.

However the place is all of it main? With the conclusion of season 2, followers in all probability have much more questions than that they had on the finish of Misplaced in Area season 1. Proper now, we don’t know when season Three will occur, however whereas we’re ready, we now have a lot to speak about. Listed below are eight large questions posed by the ultimate episodes of Misplaced in Area season 2, plus, some hypothesis as to what all of this implies for season 3.

Is Ben Adler alive?

After abusing robots and appearing shady all through season 2, Ben Adler all of the sudden has a change of coronary heart, and sacrifices himself to avoid wasting Scarecrow. However, did that lighting really kill him? We didn’t really see Adler die, so there’s an opportunity he’s alive. And if Adler is alive, then hopefully he has some solutions to the larger questions, like…

Why did the robots multiply after which assault after Scarecrow was saved?

The weirdest factor about Misplaced in Area season 2 is the large quantity of recent stuff that occurs in between the tip of episode 9 “Unknown,” an episode 10 “97.” Basically, the cliffhanger of episode 9 ends with Will watching in horror as a number of crimson lights seems within the distance, that means that not solely did he and Adler succeed at revitalizing Scarecrow with the alien lightning, however someway additionally summoned an entire military of recent robots who’re tremendous pissed. Clearly this can be a little complicated, however it looks like info is being not noted on function. As a result of Adler was instrumental to saving Scarecrow, that appears linked to why the robots are so offended.

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However why did the robots multiply? And the place did the tons of of robotic ships all of the sudden come from?

Why did Scarecrow change sides?

After the military of offended robots boards the Resolute, it looks like actually everybody goes to die. And, then, very very similar to the primary robotic preventing SAR within the season 1 finale, all of the sudden Scarecrow switches sides and begins attacking its robotic brethren. We’re led to imagine it is because Will helped save Scarecrow. Plus, Scarecrow noticed Will’s friendship with the OG robotic, which means that relationship influenced Scarecrow’s determination to assist out. From a story standpoint, the viewers must imagine the robots aren’t all unhealthy, and that the OG robotic being good isn’t an remoted incident. However, from a nitty-gritty, in-universe standpoint, Scarecrow’s motivations aren’t completely clear.

Why do solely sure individuals have quasi-telepathic hyperlinks with the robots?

Why the robots reply to sure individuals and don’t care concerning the overwhelming majority of others is fairly muddy. We all know Will and Dr. Smith had a “connection” with the primary robotic in season 1, however it’s by no means defined why. In season 2, it’s implied Adler thought he had a reference to Scarecrow, however it’s not clear what he means by that precisely.

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Additional, it’s made very clear that some type of omnipresent telepathy is clearly occurring as a result of the common robotic “sees” occasions that he’s not current for, I.E. the robotic’s cave work depict the Robinsons attaching sails to the highest of the Jupiter 2 to flee the ocean planet, however the robotic wasn’t with them when this occurred. So, it’s not simply that the robotic can talk with Will, he’s like inside Will’s head. Will mentions a couple of occasions that this appears to be a two-way road, however we actually don’t know precisely how this works.

No matter how this shakes out, hardcore and long-distance telepathy implies that the robots have a deeper connection to people than has been defined or revealed.

Is Dr. Smith alive?

Clearly, it actually seems to be like Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) appears to sacrifice herself to avoid wasting everybody on the Resolute. However then, later, the OG robotic finds her scarf and the little rubber ball she was holding, tucked away within a storage canister. Clearly, this closely implies Dr. Smith saved herself on the final second, and acquired inside a storage canister, identical to she and Penny did earlier within the season.

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However we noticed her spacesuit floating empty out in house, so how did she tuck herself away? And the way did she get that canister all the way in which over to the transport Jupiter filled with the children? AND, the place is she hiding? On that spaceship? Or on one of many Jupiters that escaped the Resolute?

Why is that one engine so necessary to the robots? 

The military of pissed robots is particularly targeted on reclaiming the particular engine which permits spaceships to leap throughout not possible distances. However why do they want this engine so badly? If this engine is know-how the robots created, actually they’ve extra engines prefer it. Except in fact, they don’t which poses one other query: why don’t they’ve extra?

Misplaced in Area has written the robots in a really particular method: although they’re depicted as being extra highly effective than the people, the robots don’t essentially have extra sources. We haven’t seen any extra clever alien life on Misplaced in Area, out facet of the people and the robots, however what if the engine doesn’t belong to the robots? What if, identical to the people, the robots have simply found out use it? And even when that’s not true, the shortage of the engine continues to be complicated.

What’s the origin of the robots?

This one would possibly by no means be answered, however it’s price questioning the place these guys got here from in any respect. Typically talking, murderous alien robots (or cyborgs) have humble origin tales. Within the 1978 Battlestar Galactica, the Cylons had been robots created by a race of alien reptiles, and naturally within the 2003 BSG reboot, the Cylons had been “created by man.” It appears actually unlikely that Misplaced in Area will reveal the alien robots had been really created by human beings, however then once more, why do the robots know a lot about people?

Why did the robotic take the children to the Fortuna?

Clearly, the large cliffhanger of season 2 is the reveal that the the OG robotic didn’t bounce the children to Alpha Centauri, however as a substitute, to the long-lost spaceship referred to as the Fortuna. From an emotional standpoint, that is superior. Grant Kelly — Judy’s organic father — was the captain of this ship, and its loss — and his presumed dying —  is why Judy was adopted by the Robinsons. So, dramatically, if Grant Kelly continues to be alive, that is going to be actually fascinating.

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However, that doesn’t reply the query as to why the robotic jumped the children there within the first place. Plus, if the robotic is aware of concerning the Fortuna and Judy’s connection to it, that means the robotic — or all robots — know much more about human beings than we’ve been led to imagine. Which may counsel these aren’t alien robots in any respect.

Misplaced in Area season Three doesn’t but have a launch date on Netflix. Season 2 is streaming now.

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