Researchers Transmit Energy With A Laser In 'Historic' Power-Beaming Demonstration

An nameless reader quotes a report from IEEE Spectrum: One of many huge challenges of creating 100 p.c renewable power a actuality is long-term storage,” says Julian Hunt, an engineering scientist on the Worldwide Institute for Utilized Methods Evaluation in Austria. Hunt and his collaborators have devised a novel system to enrich lithium-ion battery use for power storage over the long term: Mountain Gravity Vitality Storage, or MGES for brief. Much like hydroelectric energy, MGES entails storing materials at elevation to supply gravitational power. The power is recovered when the saved materials falls and turns generators to generate electrical energy. The group describes its system in a paper printed November 6 in Vitality.

“As an alternative of constructing a dam, we suggest constructing a giant sand or gravel reservoir,” explains Hunt. The important thing to MGES lies find two mountaintop websites which have an appropriate distinction in elevation — 1,000 meters is right. “The better the peak distinction, the cheaper the know-how,” he says. The websites will look comparable, with every comprised of a mine-like station to retailer the sand or gravel, and a filling station instantly under it. Valves launch the fabric into ready vessels, that are then transported through cranes and motor-run cables to the higher website. There, the sand or gravel is saved — for weeks, months, and even years — till it is prepared for use. When the fabric is moved again down the mountain, that saved gravitational power is launched and transformed into electrical power. Not solely is the system extra environmentally pleasant than pumped-storage hydropower and dams, however it’s extra versatile to satisfy various power calls for.

“Hunt estimates that the annual value of storing power through this method will differ between $50 to $100 per megawatt hour (MWh),” the report provides. “And he says that the power expended to move supplies to the higher sits will probably be offset by the quantity of gravitational power the system produces.”

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