Chrome Tries APIs That Allow Changing A User's Files, Receiving SMS Verification Texts

A Google Chrome experiment has gone horribly mistaken this week and ended up crashing browsers on hundreds, if no more, enterprise networks for practically two days. From a report: The problem first appeared on Wednesday, November 13. It did not affect all Chrome customers, however solely Chrome browsers working on Home windows Server “terminal server” setups — a quite common setup in enterprise networks In accordance with a whole lot of experiences, customers stated that Chrome tabs have been going clean, rapidly, in what’s referred to as a “White Display screen of Loss of life” (WSOD) error. The problem was no joke. System directors at many corporations reported that a whole lot and hundreds of staff could not use Chrome to entry the web, because the lively browser tab saved going clean whereas working. In tightly managed enterprise environments, many staff did not have the choice to vary browsers and have been left unable to do their jobs. Equally, system directors could not simply change Chrome with one other browser immediately.

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